Chess Scholarships

Chess Scholarships can save your kid lots of money!

In addition to all the known benefits of chess, there are many college chess scholarships available out there that people don’t know about. Kenyon College offers $10,000 toward their tuition to the top 50 scholastic chess players in the country. The top 50 players are all above master level, so it is not an easy club to get into, but there are lots of other chess scholarships available as well. Chess in schools, and chess study is becoming a rather financially beneficial activity for kids and their families!

En Passant

There are a few exception in the rules of chess; things like pawn promotion,…
Pawns in Starting Position in Chess

How the Pawns Moves

The Pawns are always the smallest of the pieces, and you should have eight…
This is a Giant Chess Board found in India. Locals believe it was used by Bheema and his son Ghatotkacha used to practice chess.

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Santa Monica Chess Rain

Chess Blind-spots

A blind-spot refers to an area of your vision that is impaired while driving…
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The Bishop and how it moves

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The Rook and how it moves

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