Start Your Online Chess Lessons Today!

One-on-One Online Chess Classes with a live chess coach are now available to you from the comfort of your own home! Meet with your chess tutor over aninteractive online chess board that both you and your chess tutor can move. Video Chat and see your tutor live over skype while the lesson takes place and have the learning begin!

We can teach chess on several platforms:

  • Computer ( PC or Mac)
  • Ipad
  • Tablet
  • X-Box  New!

Online Lessons are just as custom as having a chess coach come to your house and teach you. The classes are not pre-recorded but rather individually differentiated for your child.

Why teach your kid chess?

We have always striven to teach chess in such a way that emphasizes the skills that can be used in a child's everyday life. Whether its teaching a kid to focus for long amounts of time or to consider the consequences of their actions before they act, we make sure chess is helping kids improve their lives.

Some of the skills that kids can practice while playing chess are:

  • Thinking Ahead
  • Focusing
  • Learning from their mistakes
  • and much more!

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