About Us

CheckMatesUSA is a leader in chess education. Starting in 2006 with after school classes for childrenNewspaper Elk Grove Kids Chess Class Website Kindergarden through 6th grades, CheckMatesUSA has expanded its chess services to help other demographics including seniors with Alzheimer, children at hospitals, and children with disabilities. The approach that separates CheckMates Chess Academy from other programs is the focus on bringing out the advantageous skills of chess and making sure children know how to use these to help them in their schoolwork, home life, and future ambitions. Chess is used as a medium for kids to learn about decision making, thinking ahead, self control, and many of the other skills that have made many chess players successful is other aspects of their lives. 

Mission Statement:

To use chess as a medium for the promotion of positive mental attitude and rational decision making in children.

Our History

CheckMatesUSA was founded in 2006 by two brothers, George and Lev Krasnopolskiy, who believed they could positively influence the lives of their students through the game of chess. While teaching in the Chicago-Land area, they saw their students drastically improve both their chess game and their outlook on school/life.CheckmatesUSA Chess Classes They were amazed at the power that chess had in transforming the lives of troubles youth. By combining their passion for sports with their mastery of chess, they invented new and innovating techniques to make chess a fun and never ending journey. George went on to pursue a degree in Education and apply the newest techniques in teaching to the CheckMatesUSA curriculum.

CheckMates believes that chess can help forge long-lasting friendships, increase reading and math scores, sharpen quick decision making skills, and increase concentration capability for youngsters of all criteria all over the nation. Through the use of various forms of chess, puzzles, physical activity, and music, CheckMates will provide an exciting and fun-filled activity that will bring out your child’s true potential.

Over the last eight years CheckMates has been doing just that, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and online. In addition to after-school programming, CheckMates Chess Academy has expanded to running classes at Libraries, Park Districts, Religious Centers, and Hospitals. Over 4,000 children’s lives have been benefited by learning chess with CheckMatesUSA and more are exploring the world of chess every day.