The Knight’s Pattern and How the Knight Moves in Chess

The Knight is one of the most notorious chess pieces

The Knights look like horses, and kids are tempted to call them that. I always tell the kids that the Knight is the warrior that rides on top of the horse, and that calling his by the name of an animal is an insult. Each team has two knights and they go next to the rooks. For white, they go on b1 and g1, for black they go on b8 and g8.

The Knights Starting Position in Chess

The Knights in their Starting Positions

Every chess piece in chess has a distinct pattern that it moves and attacks by. No chess piece has a more unique and interesting pattern than the Knight. The Knight is the only chess piece that can skip over other pieces! The pattern that it moves by is often described as a “L” Shape, but I like to teach it as a “1”, “2”, “1” pattern. The Knight moves two squares in any direction, then rotates 90 degrees and goes one more square. The knight moves “1”, “2”, rotates, and moves “1”.


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