Community Center Chess Classes

Community Centers chess classes offer an opportunity for kids to start new friendships Community Centerthat could last for years. With more diverse classrooms, community centers chess classes offer children the opportunity to expand their circle of friends outside of their school.Common interest in mind, students will work together to solve chess puzzles, analyze historical games, and even apply their chess strategies to various sports. An inner-center chess tournament will also be held to provide an opportunity for chess students to display their chess skills. Upon the completion of each session, students receives a promotion in rank and a prize.

Community Center chess classes run in either six or eight week sessions. They can be organized with ease and take place at a local park district or other community center. Community centers such as YMCA, JCC, JCYS, or park district locations often have the perfect space for CheckMates Chess Academy to run chess classes in. Parents like community centers classes because they take place at a variety of times and locations, both weekends and weekdays. Kids like community center chess classes because it allows them to play chess with a group of kids that come from different schools in their area. Many of the students that take part in community center chess classes also participate in other programs, and use community center classes as an additional class to get ahead and learn quicker. In Chicago-Land, chess classes can be found at the Long Grove Park District, Lake Zurich Park District, Morton Grove Park District, Lake County Family YMCA in Vernon Hills, and other community centers.

Setting up a program is easy to do. If you are interested in having a FREE class at your location, just follow up the following form.

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General Info

  • We carry insurance as well as background checks on our teachers.
  • We bring all equipment (including chess boards, pieces, worksheets, etc.). We only require tables and chairs.
  • We provide your location with advertising materials to distribute or post online.
  • Our classes are friendly to players who know how to play chess, as well as absolute beginners who are new to the game.
  • Classes are registered on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay!