Chess for Kids with ADD or ADHD

Chess Therapy for ADD & ADHD is the no-risk, no-medication, all natural and fun way to help you child beat their disabilities. Chess has long been proven to increase a variety of mental skills in children that lead to better test scores and academic achievement. George Krasnopolskiy has pioneered a curriculum that specifically targets the skills that children with ADD & ADHD need to improve and teaches them using chess as a fun and interesting medium.

The skills that are targeted include but are not limited to:

  • Attentiveness
  • Planning & Thinking Ahead
  • Self Control (Controlling Impulsive Behaviors)

Chess Therapy for ADD/ ADHD Children is performed by George Krasnopolskiy. He has taught over 3,000 students across the United States how to play chess and has innovated chess curricula to help students with a variety of disabilities. George Krasnopolskiy has taught students who have ADD, ADHD, BD, Asperger, and other disabilities the skills they need to overcome their problems. All of this is done using the fun and interesting game of chess, which leads to children having higher self confidence, higher test scores, and an overall improvement in attitude and lifestyle.