After School Chess Classes

After School Chess Programs are our most popular classes. They are convenient for parents who work past 3:00 and want their child to continue learning after school has ended.Chess classes run in 8 week sessions After School Chess Programfor one hour either before or after school. After school chess classes take place in the schools and students can come directly after school has ended to chess class.

CheckMates has created a unique curriculum specifically for schools. We know that even the most talented students get worn out after a long day at school; and we have  designed a highly energetic program especially for them. Our instructors use chess puzzles, physical activities, and a number of specialized chess games to find the best way for your child to learn. 

Setting up after school chess classes with CheckMates Chess Academy is easy. Usually programs are set up with the help of the school principal, PTA/ PTO, or a parent champion. Classes take place once a week after school for an hour, in six or eight week sessions. Parents love after school classes because they do not need to transport their kids to and from a chess class, and can just come an hour later to pick their kids up from school.

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General Info

    • We carry insurance as well as background checks on our teachers.

    • We bring all equipment (including chess boards, pieces, worksheets, etc.). We only require tables and chairs.

    • We provide your location with advertising materials to distribute or post online.

    • Our classes are friendly to players who know how to play chess, as well as absolute beginners who are new to the game.

    • Classes are registered on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay!