Chess Work Puzzles

One of the most important chess skills that a child needs to learn in order to get better at chess is chess notation. Chess notation is knowing the coordinates of the squares on the chess board and being able to write down the moves that both players in the chess match make.

Often times I noticed that when a child learned chess notation, they still didn’t want to use it because it was hard for them to quickly find the chess coordinates of the squares on the chess board.

I needed to come up with a fun solution to this problem; this is when I thought of Chess Word Puzzles. Most kids have done word puzzles from an early age, and see them a fun activity. Chess word puzzles focus on the same principle of word puzzles, where a child must find a certain word in the puzzle, but then must write down that word’s location in chess notation.

Below are various chess world puzzles you can do with your children for chess practice.

Chess Word Search (Chess Terms One)

Chess Word Search (Chess Champions)

Chess Word Search (Spanish Chess Terms)

Chess Word Search (Chess Terms #2)

Chess Word Search Puzzle #3

Chess Word Search Puzzle #4