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CheckMates Chess Academy offers a wide variety of chess classes to fit the varying schedules of parents and students. Having a choice of multiple locations for chess classes is also beneficial because it provides students the option to choose from different class structures. Each type of chess class is unique in its own way and hold its own advantages. CheckMates Chess Academy offers classes at the following locations.

Kids Learning about the Chess Clock

Each chess program is unique in its approach and objectives. One of CheckMates Chess Academy’s priorities is to keep the kids on a steady track to success; this is why we strive to make sure chess classes has the same teacher every week throughout sessions. CheckMates chess teachers make class energetic and enjoyable, bordering between a class and a performance. Chess classes are fast paced and suited for kids ages 5-12, specifically designed to make chess interesting for their age group. Often times chess classes will relate to the things children know and understand best: sports, video games, school, and other games. Chess is known for being a game of strategies, and students learn how to relate these strategies to other aspects of their lives.

CheckMates Chess Academy is now looking to expand to new locations. If you would like to champion a program, fill out the form below.

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General Info

    • We carry insurance as well as background checks on our teachers.

    • We bring all equipment (including chess boards, pieces, worksheets, etc.). We only require tables and chairs.

    • We provide your location with advertising materials to distribute or post online.

    • Our classes are friendly to players who know how to play chess, as well as absolute beginners who are new to the game.

    • Classes are registered on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay!