Kids Chess Classes at Hospitals

Offering children’s chess classes at hospitals is a unique idea started in 2008 at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Hospital ChessThis is a volunteer program aimed at teaching patients and their family/ friends chess. Chess is a great game for these kids to learn because it gets their mind away from the hospital environment and immerses in the interesting world of chess. They can then play chess with their family and friends, as well as occupy their free time at the hospital. More than 500 patients and participants have gone through this program and have had the opportunity to learn chess in brighten their days in their time of need.  The CheckMates Chess Academy hospital volunteer chess program has shown that it contributes positively to children mentally and improves their attitude, making their hospital stay that much better!

Currently our hospital program is only running at Children’s Memorial Hospital at the Browns Family Life Center. If you are interested in volunteering at a chess program or setting one up at a Milwaukee or Chicago Area Hospital, please contact us.