Private Chess Tutoring

Private chess tutoring is available to give students the personal attention that they cannot receive in a group class setting. Students take an assessment that helps us create an ICEP ( Individualized Chess Education Plan). The ICEP has short and long term goals and makes sure that students can progress, as well as allows parents to track their progress. Custom lesson plans allow students to excel at chess at a accelerated pace, as well as focus on improving specific faults and improving their chess game. Homework is included in the lessons plans and is supplied by the instructors. While getting private lessons, you also receive a V.I.P pass to CheckMates tournaments, allowing you priority registration as well as individualized chess coaching at events. Private chess coaches will also find tournament information regarding outside (of CheckMates) tournaments relevant to the students lessons.

Private chess lessons can often cause a child to skip ahead in chess, improving their self esteem with their love for the game of chess. Students enjoy the personal attention and constantly challenging lessons plans encourage students to ask lots of questions. Parents are also welcome to sit in on the lessons to learn along with the child. This is helpful for practicing, as well as making chess a great activity to do with the whole family.

Students of chess tutoring range in age and level. Typically, the type of student that takes private lessons is the quickest learner in the class and wants to take chess to learn faster than the class pace. These students receive coaching that will bring them to tournament level and above. CheckMates Chess Academy also offers private lessons for children that are struggling with school, as a medium for them to learn the skills they need to succeed. These students receive private lessons focused on improving certain mental skills and relating chess to other aspects of the students life (school, sports, family life). Parents generally choose private chess lessons for one of two reasons:

  • Private Chess Lessons for Championship Chess Play
  • Private Chess Lessons for Improvement of Mental Skills

We can teach chess on several platforms:

  • In Person
  • Computer ( PC or Mac)
  • Ipad
  • Tablet
  • X-Box  New!


Rates for in person classes vary depending on your location and the instructor. Online Chess Lessons can last anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the level of the student. Our goal is always to increase our students ability to focus and as they progress, lessons take longer.

Our charge for Online Chess Lessons is $1/ minute for 1 on 1 lessons, but if you buy in packages you can save.

1 hour of classes: $60

2 hours of classes: $114 (5% off,)

4 hours of classes: $216 (10% 0ff)

8 hours of classes: $408 (15% off)        SAVE $72.00

We do a free 15 minute assessment to get to know your child and create a custom plan with goals for your child’s progress. Afterwards, we can match you up with the perfect teacher, whether it be a teacher that works great with young children who are learning the game or a master coach who works with top notch competitors who have been playing chess for years and need help to progress.

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