Chess Puzzles are drawings of chess positions that need to be solved to achieve a specific goal. Usually the goal of chess puzzles is to give a checkmate, but often times the puzzle is set up for the player to find a fork, pin, or other chess technique. Chess Puzzles are a great way to get a quick brain workout without playing a full game of chess. For chess student, chess puzzles offer a great way for them to train themselves to recognize patterns on the chess board quickly in the middle and endgame. Make sure to check out our chess puzzles page, where you can solve the chess puzzles and write down the answers in the space provided underneath. Bring them to Chess Class to get them checked and earn a prize!

Below are a variety of worksheets in pdf format, click the links to view them.
If you would like to practice chess versus a computer without downloading a program, click here.


Beginner Checkmate Puzzles
Intermediate Worksheets
Intermediate CheckMate Puzzles
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