Chess for Visually Impaired Kids (Blind Chess)

CheckMates Chess Academy has taught chess to the fully blind and developed a special curriculum for students who are visually impaired. With the help of a braille chess board, George Krasnopolskiy can teach chess to students who have never played a game of chess, never seen a chess board, and are visually impaired.

A Braille Chess set has plugs for the pieces to be placed in and indents to distinguise between black and white squares. The black pieces also have pins on top.

Teaching Chess to the Blind is something that is both extraordinary and very beneficial for both sides. To a visually impaired child, chess is much more than a way to practice skills such as thinking ahead, logical thinking, visualizing, and the other important skills that chess teaches. Chess is also a way that Blind Students can improve their self esteem, it is a game which they can sit down and play with anyone…regardless of whether they are disabled or not.

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