Library Chess Classes For Kids

Libraries offer an opportunity for children from differentLibrary Chess Class schools to foster new friendships and provide for a place to learn and increase their knowledge of chess. CheckMatesUSA provides a special curriculum for libraries that caters to the needs of children of all ages and chess experience. Our typical programs consist of 3 weeks of chess classes followed by a chess tournament of the fourth week. Chess classes are an hour long and held for beginners chess players first, followed by an intermediate/ advanced class. We consider a player who is new to chess and doesn’t know the rules a beginner, and have a separate section for them at the chess tournament. 

Chess Classes at the Library are loved by children, parents, and instructors because libraries are a place where kids come to learn. The ability to hold chess classes on Saturdays is also a plus because it allows students to come into class fresh, eager, and ready to go! CheckMates Chess Academy runs chess classes at libraries in Chicago and Milwaukee. Some of our most popular libraries to run classes at are Vernon Area Public Library, Elk Grove Village Library, and Des Plaines Library.