Chess TutoringOne-on-One Online Chess Classes with a live chess coach are now available to you from the comfort of your own home! Meet with your chess tutor over an interactive online chess board that both you and your chess tutor can move. Video Chat and see your tutor live over skype while the lesson takes place and have the learning begin!

We can teach chess on several platforms:

  • Computer ( PC or Mac)
  • Ipad
  • Tablet
  • X-Box  New!

Online Lessons are just as custom as having a chess coach come to your house and teach you. The classes are not pre-recorded but rather individually differentiated for your child. This is what allows your child to progress faster and understand the game of chess better with quality one-on-one online chess lessons than any other form of chess lessons. Teachers provide you with practice worksheets and exercises in between class sessions as well as can help you enter the United States Chess Federation and find tournaments in your area.

If you are thinking about starting your child on learning chess for the educational benefits or your child likes to play chess and you want someone to lead them to becoming a better chess  player, these lessons have been designed for you. We have a variety of teachers who specialize in both starting children in the game of chess or guiding them all the way to becoming grandmasters.

Online Chess Lessons allow any parent to afford having a personalized chess lesson for their kids. By using advances in technology, CheckMatesUSA has cut out transportation fees, travel times, and any unnecessary costs that may otherwise make a private chess lesson too expensive. Classes start when a connection is made and parents are charged by the specific amount of time that each lesson lasts (we never like to cut the learning process short if its flowing and we’ll never charge you for any time that your lesson is not running).