Chess For Seniors (Alzheimer’s Prevention)

Every 68 Seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in America. CheckMatesUSA believes, along with several other creditable sources, that chess can help seniors with Alzheimer’s to improve their memory using chess.  Playing chess with family, caregivers, and other seniors is a fun and painless way for Seniors to curb the effects of Alzheimer’s. A five year study with 488 participants showed that involvement in at least 11 mind exercising activities per week versus a control group that engaged in 4 or less activities per week, delayed Alzheimer’s by 1.3 years (Dr. Charles B. Hall, PhD, author of the study and Saul R. Korep Department of Neurology professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine).  A further analysis demonstrated those that played only games reduced their risk by 75%.

CheckMatesUSA is proud to offer classes for Seniors who would like to learn chess. Please contact us to schedule a group or individual chess lesson.

ABC News says:

“Research shows that brain is much like the body — it needs continual activity to remain strong and supple and fight off the predations of old age.

And researchers have determined that chess is uniquely well-suited to “exercising” the brain. It is simple to play, but offers nearly limitless variation.

It requires memory, problem-solving skills, abstract thought, and creativity. And it turns out that the people who play it regularly in their older years — along with related activities like crossword puzzles — are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and related conditions.”

Healthy Living in NCY Reports:

“In a study reported in The New England Journal of Medicine, officials said that people over age 75 who engaged in leisure activities such as chess were less likely to develop signs of dementia than others.”

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