Online Chess Lessons

Online Chess Classes are now available through CheckMOnline Chess LessonsatesUSA! Learning chess online with one of our teachers isn’t the same thing as watching a video; it is a custom, interactive experience. We teach to both individuals and groups with our online classes, which can take place on a PC, Mac, IPad, Xbox, or other internet-enabled device.  We have a variety of teachers that specialize in teaching chess to all skill levels from absolute beginner to masters of the game. Our teachers can also speak many languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, Georgian, Hindi, and Tamil.

One-on-One Online Chess Classes

One-on-one online chess lessons are great for people of all ages and skill levels that want to get better at chess. Online Chess Classes give you the ability to learn chess from your home. Online chess lessons are the perfect option to help you improve drastically or learn the game quickly because our chess instructors teach at your pace and customize each lesson for you. If you don’t want to pay the high fees of having an instructor drive to your house and don’t want to settle for the low quality of a cheap instructor, one-on-one online chess lessons with CheckMatesUSA are the way to go.

Group Online Chess Classes

We can also offer you group chess lessons online. Working in a group doesn’t give you as much personal attention as one-on-one online chess lessons, but it has other advantages. A lot of people prefer to learn with a group so they have someone to practice their chess concepts with. Group members can be in the same room, but don’t have to be.

If you are a chess club coordinator but dont have the chess teaching expertise to continue your students’ education in chess, this is a perfect option for you!

How it happens?

Online Chess Classes use an interactive chess board on and video chatting over skype to run the lesson. This can work with one or many students.  Students are able to see the instructor face-face, and also share the same screen if the instructor wants to use other software to train on. With our system, any resource that the teacher has on his/her computer is available to the students during the lesson. This makes learning chess online with us easy and convenient.

Who Does Online Lessons?

Everyone! Whether you want to start learning chess with your kids or you don’t have quality chess teachers near you or you like having lessons from your own home and the flexibility of being able to do them anytime in the week.