Chess Art Show in Denver, Colorado

Out West, in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, Colorado, there is a wonderful Chess Art Show at Glovinsky Gallery.

There are several beautiful chess paintings, some abstract, some realistic and one three-dimensional painting (entitled “En Passant”) that you need 3-D glasses to fully appreciate. There are also several gorgeous chess sets on display. These are not your ordinary chess sets. They are truly works of art. Featured at the show is a chess table made by JC MacNeil, Denver artist and chess player. His chess table and pieces are made of solid steel with an inlaid marble board–not only an elegant piece of artistic furniture but indestructible as well.

In addition to the chess sets and chess paintings, this particular chess show has a five-time state chess champion of Colorado, Life Master Brian Wall, doing a simultaneous chess exhibition (and get this) blindfolded! That’s right, you can see the board, but he can’t! He can see several chess games in his head at once and win most of them, and that is an amazing sight to see.

So if you happen to be in Denver around December 2, 2011, you should definitely stop in at the Glovinsky Gallery!

Glovinsky Gallery will have another chess show next year, so if you miss this–don’t fret. As well, there is chess and refreshments once a month, in addition to other beautiful works of art.

Here is a video of the show.

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