Why play chess?

Some pretty cool people have played chess. Why join their ranks?

Some pretty cool people have played chess. Why join their ranks?

Millions of people all over the planet play chess, but why should you learn to play chess?

Here are a few reasons that I thought of:

  1. Chess is an ancient game and its cool to think that chess was played by kings and queens hundreds of years ago.
  2. You can play chess online with people all across the world.
  3. Chess a workout for your brain
  4. You can improve your life by applying the skills that you learn in the chess.
  5. Chess been played on all continents on the earth for over 1500 years.
  6. Chess keeps kids out of trouble and gives them a positive hobby to pursue.
  7. Chess never becomes outdated.
  8. Chess is a game where age makes no difference; its fair to have a 10 year old play a 80 year old.
  9. Chess is FUN!
  10. The size of the players makes no difference in chess; a 4 foot person can play a 7 foot person and still have it be a fair game.
  11. You can play chess against the computer.
  12. You can play chess in a park outside.
  13. You can play chess on a rainy day inside.
  14. You can play chess at the beach.
  15. You can play chess at the pool.
  16. You can play chess while waiting for an airplane or a train.
  17. You can play chess in a restaurant.
  18. You can play chess at the library.
  19. Chess challenges your brain and makes you smarter.
  20. You can play chess blindfolded in you mind.
  21. You can play correspondence chess and mail your moves one at a time to your partner, with games that takes years.
  22. Chess is a fun thing to do with your friends.
  23. Chess is a fun thing to do with your family.
  24. Chess is a great way to make new friends and meet cool people.
  25. Chess is not expensive.
  26. You can play chess fast with a clock.
  27. You can play a slow chess game with a clock.
  28. You can play chess without a clock and take your time.
  29. You can win money in chess tournaments.
  30. You can listen to music while playing chess.
  31. You can play many games of chess at the same time.
  32. Chess is always challenging, you can never “beat the game.”
  33. You can combine chess with other sports, like chessboxing or chessrunning.
  34. You can play chess with people that dont speak the same language as you.
  35. Chess develops memory and chess players almost never get Alzheimer.
  36. Chess inspires and motivates people in other aspects of their lives.
  37. Chess allows you to use your imagination.
  38. Chess improves your concentration.
  39. Really cool people in history have played chess.
  40. You can get a college scholarship for playing chess.
  41. You can get a job for playing chess.
  42. There are a lot of cool movies about chess.
  43. Chess helps kids improve their self esteem.
  44. You can play chess all your life.
  45. You can read many books about chess.
  46. Chess is a way for people to learn to practice self control.
  47. You can travel around the world playing in chess tournaments.
  48. Chess can teach people the value of patience.
  49. Chess is a great thing to do if your snowed in.
  50. You can learn a lot about yourself by playing chess.

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