Earth Vs. Space Chess Match

Wow, I had known that chess spanned across the earth…but now chess is spanning the Galaxy!

Thats right, this is a Earth vs. Space Chess Match (which really is a team vs astronauts, sorry to disappoint all of you hoping to play chess against aliens) which is going on live right now! NASA Astronauts Greg Chamitoff and Greg H. Johnson launched into space on May 16th are playing against the Earth Chess Team.

Who you may ask is on this Earth Chess Team? EVERYONE! Anyone can vote to determine the Earths next chess move by visiting here:

On the right side of the screen you should see a chess board. When it is Earth’s turn in the Chess Match, a series of options will appear and chess players can then vote on what they think the Earth Chess Team should do. You can also follow the Earth Vs. Chess Match here as well.

Help Team Earth Win!

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