Finding your chess style

Are you an attacker? Do you like lots of tactics? Maybe you should try some gambits. Or are you more of a positional player who likes to maneuver his knights around in closed positions. Try some  openings that lead to closed positions, like the closed Sicilian or the Reti. Do you like to play it safe? Maybe try the Colle or the London system. Whatever your style of play there is a chess opening for you. You should figure out what kind of positions you like and what kind of openings lead to those positions. Don’t just find out what the world champions play or what the “experts” say are the best openings. Figure out what you like, and learn to play that. Because no matter what the experts say are the best openings, or what the computer says is the best move, you aren’t going to be able to play anything as well as something you like to play–something that matches your style. Be it closed games, open games, tactical positions or endgames with pawn structure advantages, decide which fits you and play that.

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