Girls in Chess

Girls Chess

Chess is becoming popular with girls!

Did you know that there are only 22 female chess Grandmasters in the entire world? Twenty Two! I could fit that many chess players in my living room! I’m not sure why there are so few female chess players of this caliber but one thing I am sure of; this means that girls who play chess are pretty special. If you are a girl who plays chess give yourself a pat on the back. If you know a girl who plays chess, give her a high five! Encourage her to keep playing and stick with it. Imagine if someday there could be a female world chess champion! So far Judit Polgar has come the closest. She’s in the top one hundred chess players in the world, not just the top one hundred female players.

And that’s another thing. It is shockingly easy to get into the top one hundred female chess players in the world. You only have to have a FIDE rating of 1929! To be in the top one hundred females in the United States you only have to have a USCF chess rating of 1780! Trust me, I know! Because I was in the top one hundred females in the U.S. until my rating dipped below 1780! No worries, I’ll be back in there soon. And I’ll probably stay there in the top one hundred until some of these young girls who are good at chess knock me out by beating me!  Watch the video and see some of the world’s top chess playing females.

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