Playing Chess in your mind (Mental Chess) pt.1

Mental Chess

Just recently I was asked about playing chess without a chess board; its a really interesting way to play chess. The point is this: if two players can both visualize a chess board and remember each of their moves (which they dictate in chess notation) they can play a full chess game in their heads without ever using a chess board!

I know that for people who dont play chess this sounds insane, and to those that already play chess it may sound like an unattainable challenge. All you readers will be glad to know that there is a way developed of how to learn to start playing chess in your mind.

The goal here is not to take on the whole game right when your starting, but to break it down. One way to do this is to play one of the alternative chess games (chess variants) like pawn wars to practice and train your memory. Once you do this, you can add in more pieces and really exercise your brain. Tomorrow I will write about other methods to train your brain for Mental Chess.

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