World Chess Championship: Anand vs. Gelfand

Anand vs Gelfand

Anand vs Gelfand

The world chess championships are currently going on in Moscow. World champion Viswanthan Anand  is battling with Israeli Chess Star Boris Gelfand. This is an intense battle over the chess board as these are the top two players in the world! If you want to take a look at their game, here is it.

A Russian Online Newspaper writes:

“Playing black for the second time in the match, Anand continued his faith in the Slav defense and yet again did not have much difficulty equalising.

It was a continuation of discussion in the second game of the match wherein Anand had gone for a fifth move surprise and yet again the World champion went for it, emphasising that it was not an opening gamble he had gone for in his first game as…”

Find more of this story here.

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