Pawns: The Offensive Line of Chess

Football Chess Set Pieces

First Off, Congratulations to the Chicago Bears on their victory! And now to chess…

Knowing how to use pawns is important for any good player. But what are the pawns supposed to do? What is the goal of the pawns?

Pawns can be used in a variety of ways on the chess board. When I compare chess to football, which happens significantly more during football season, I like to think of the pawns as the offensive line. The bears offensive line wants to protect the Quarterback (Jay Cutler) and your pawns need to protect your king. They also need to make sure that the opponents stay out of their zone, just like in chess.

Is that not enough of a connection? Think about this: not only does the offensive line keep the defense out, but they also create holes in the opponents formations for the rubbing back and other players to move in. In chess, you want to create formations that allow your pieces to move around the board but restrain your opponents. Sometimes, you can even lead your attack with the pawns, like using the line to push the defense back.

Be careful tho, remember pawns cannot move backwards!

Football Chess Set

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