The “Fast Break” in Chess

Derrick Rose attacks the hoop quick on the fast break before the position changes.

The Chicago Bulls are deadly on the fast break! The fast break consists of a basketball team having an advantage in players as they transition on the floor. Take a moment to think which fast break would be better?

A 5 on 4?

A 4 on 3?

A 3 on 2?

or a 2 on 1?

Any basketball player would agree that a 2 on 1 advantage on the fast break is the best. Any mathematician would agree as well. That is because when you are attacking the hoop (like Derrick Rose) with a 2 on 1 advantage, you have a 200% advantage. Compare that to a 150% advantage with a 3 on 2 and only a 133% advantage with a 4 on 3. In chess, like in basketball, you need to capitalize on the advantage before the position changes; hence the Fast Break.

So how do chess players use this information to help them win. Well…When a chess player has the material advantage in the chess game (this means that a player has more chess pieces than their opponent) it is advantageous for them to create even trades. An even trade could be a pawn for a pawn, a knight for a knight, a bishop for a knight, or any trade where a piece of equal value is captured by each team. The less pieces that are left on the chess board, the more that players advantage grows!

If you have the advantage, make sure you capitalize on the Fast Break on the Chess Board before the position changes.

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