Cool Chess Facts

This is a collection of cool chess facts. Chess has been around for many years and the amount of interest information about it is endless.

Playing chess in your head

Playing Chess in your Mind (Mental Chess) Part 2

The Krasnopolskiy Method  to learning to play blindfold or mental chess is simple and makes training your brain fun. Even kids can try playing this version of mental chess. First, make sure you have a chess board. Second, make yourself some chess pieces out of paper, thick paper that you cannot see through is important […]

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Mental Chess

Playing Chess in your mind (Mental Chess) pt.1

Just recently I was asked about playing chess without a chess board; its a really interesting way to play chess. The point is this: if two players can both visualize a chess board and remember each of their moves (which they dictate in chess notation) they can play a full chess game in their heads […]

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A cool chess set for kids to play on.

Getting out of Check

Check is one of the most, if not the most, important concepts in chess. Check means the king is in danger. This means that the player whose king is in danger MUST get their king out of check. There are three ways that a player can get out of check 1. Move – This means […]

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Insufficient Mating Chances (a technicality in chess)

I love learning something new in chess, and this is something I never knew about. Here’s the deal: Insufficient Mating chances (or insufficient losing chances) is when a special rule that is used in tournaments. Basically, it has to do with a situation when the chess player with a winning position is almost out of […]

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New Study: Chess Improves Brain Function!

Its a new a study, but old news for most of us: Chess improves brain function. Researchers at the University of Texas have concluded that playing chess broadens the mind. No suprise for those of us that teach chess, but still an interesting read. Check out the article.

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3 vs. 3 Pawn Promotion Problem

When just learning how to play chess, it is important to begin to understand how to use multiple chess pieces together in combination. This doesn’t always mean different types of pieces and even with just pawns on the board a chess player can often calculate to find the best one. This is one of my […]

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Seirawan Chess Lesson

Learning Chess from Yasser Seirawan

Day one with GM Yasser Seirawan who was the World Junior Champion in the 1970’s. He is not only a phenomenal chess player but he is also a very intriguing and interesting person who not only kept us involved and attentive during a 6 hour-long lecture but he kept us entertained as well. He told […]

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Teen Chess Prodigy from Kampala- Phiona Mutesi

Phiona Mutesi was hungry one day when she went to a mission for food. She learned how to play chess there is not an international chess champion. Its really one of the amazing things about chess, it has no geographic or economic borders. It doesn’t require a large budget or fancy equipment, but merely the will to study, […]

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Why play chess?

Find out about the many reasons to play chess.

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Brothers in Idaho Help Each Other Become Awesome in Chess!

Two Brothers are ranked the 1st and 2nd top chess players in Idaho, which isn’t such a  huge surprise. The real surprise is that one of them is only 14! Check out the full story!

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